Airports design has evolved dramatically to handle vast numbers of passengers and handle far greater traffic. See how the Oslo airport in Norway is ensuring that the millions of passengers who travel through, do so safely and comfortably.


Oslo International Airport – one of the busiest airports in Europe, has seen passenger traffic grow steadily over the years. Almost 26 million passengers travelled through the airport in 2016, and an ongoing expansion will see capacities increase to handle 28 million passengers in phase 1 and a whopping 35 million in phase 2. The KONE team, which was actively involved in the project right from the start, was up for the challenge.

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Building facts

  • Completion: 2016/17
  • Developer and contractor: Avinor
  • Architect: Nordic Office of Architecture

KONE solutions

  • 46 KONE elevators including KONE MonoSpace og KONE TranSys
  • 22 KONE TravelMaster 110 and 120 escalators
  • 1 KONE TransitMaster 120 autowalk

Oslo Airport


  • Designing a successful vertical transportation system for one of the busiest airports in the world.
  • Keeping to the strict schedule to ensure that there are no delays.
  • Provide customer-built solutions as per the customer's specifications.


  • Worked with the architect and consultant right from the early phases of design.
  • Studied customer's requirements to provide the right solutions to give the desired outcomes.
  • Provided good maintenance in the existing areas of the airport.

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