A symbiotic relationship

Since the need for knowledge and perspectives is often greater than what is found in one company, a network of co-creation is key to deliver a competitive advantage. Something KONE and ISS strongly believe in.


The core of co-creation is to involve external stakeholders and turn customers, competitors and experts into partners. KONE is following through on that concept by working with ISS, a global facility services company, to help provide services to their customers around the world. With a cross-border contract covering 21 countries, KONE and ISS are playing to their strengths, using their reach, local knowledge and expertise to effectively expand their operations. While ISS’s focus is to provide quality services, the collaboration will see KONE brought on board to look after vertical transport solutions and maintenance, helping ISS provide superior quality, speed and efficiency to its customers. Both companies are actively working in the IoT field and see a lot of opportunities that would benefit the thousands of buildings jointly with KONE in locations around the world. KONE can help ISS provide consistent services, across geographies and bring in transparency to services allowing ISS to know in real time how the equipment is performing. The local knowledge and expertise KONE has built up over decades across its wide geographical footprint is a clear benefit to the association. ISS ensures KONE is involved right at the start of a project and is working closely with the customer to customize solutions.

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  • ISS is a Danish-headquartered world-leading provider of catering, cleaning and facility management services.

KONE solutions

  • KONE Online
  • KONE Care™ Maintenance



  • To deliver consistent services to ISS's customers in 21 countries covering Europe and Israel.
  • Have access to transparent and real-time information and maximize equipment uptime.


  • Close cooperation and early involvement with ISS and ISS's customers to ensure their needs are met.
  • Leveraging local knowledge accumulated by both companies.
  • Co-creation in the area of innovation and digital technologies.

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